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How may I help you?

Lesson overview

In this A2 Business English lesson, the student will learn vocabulary related to etiquette and ways to be successful with customers. They will also learn and practice forming ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.



The lesson starts with an activity in which the student matches words associated with customer service.


Vocabulary: Customer service

The student learns new words related to customer service (manner, attitude, support, etc.) through a matching exercise. Then, they practice using them in sentences. 

They learn about the ways to be a good customer by marking statements true or false. Moreover, they read the text which tells about characteristics of a good customer. The text is followed by comprehension questions.


Video: What it’s like trying to get paid by a customer 

The student watches a satirical video presenting what it’s like trying to get paid in real life. The student answers the questions referring to the customer’s manners. They analyze behaviors of both the employee and the customer.


Reading: Customer service

The student reads the texts giving advice on how to provide the best customer service and completes the reading comprehension activities.


Grammar: Yes and no questions

The student learns how ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions are formed. They practice forming them and identifying them. 

The lesson ends with a wrap-up discussion activity.

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