How looks affect your life

How looks affect your life

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson plan is expertly crafted to expand students’ vocabulary, focusing specifically on the topic of personal appearance and its influence on our lives.



The lesson begins with an email from an HR department to a hiring manager, offering insights into a prospective employee. This will set the stage for our discussion.



At the heart of the lesson is a video titled “Not Liking One’s Looks.” After watching, we’ll engage in a deep discussion. Students will tackle a range of stimulating questions related to the video, aimed at improving their understanding and spoken articulation.



Students will then participate in diverse activities to reinforce their learning. They’ll be tasked with applying newly acquired vocabulary appropriately, an essential skill at the C2 level. They will also practice rewriting sentences using specific idioms.



Next, we’ll read a brief text on the impact of appearance in our lives. Post-reading, students will respond to questions to assess their comprehension and analytical abilities. This activity is also designed to encourage students to share their perspectives, enhancing their grasp of the topic.



The lesson concludes with a lively discussion centered around a famous quote. This final activity aims to summarize the day’s learning and allows students to utilize their expanded vocabulary and express sophisticated ideas.



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