How does it make you feel?

How does it make you feel?

Lesson overview

This Intermediate ESL lesson starts with a paragraph about different feelings in which the student identifies adjectives ending in -ed and -ing (annoyed, interested, frustrating, etc.). 


Grammar: adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

The rules of use of these adjectives are explained and exemplified.

The student then learns meanings of new adjectives through a matching exercise (humiliating, irritated, captivating, etc.). Next, they put them in the correct categories – describing a feeling/emotion or describing someone/something. 

The student practices using these adjectives by completing a text with correct adjective forms.

In another exercise, the student’s task is to rephrase sentences by changing -ing forms to -ed forms. They also find and fix mistakes in sentences.


-ED adjectives and prepositions

The student completes sentences by inserting IN or BY.


Pick a card

In this exercise, the student picks a card displaying an emotion. The student explains to the teacher how they feel without using the word on the card.


Video: Express your feelings!

The student watches the video about expressing our feelings and completes the video comprehension exercise.

To check their understanding of adjectives, the student groups adjectives with similar meanings.


Speaking practice

The lesson ends with a few discussion questions related to life experiences, which will allow the student to put the new vocabulary and new skills into practice.



Comments (3)

Thank you! it's a great lesson with an abundance of practice! It really helps to learn the vocab & get a deeper understanding of the meaning! also, at some point we had to look up "Social-emotional agnosia" :)

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thank you for sharing! We are glad you like it :)

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so fantastic! Thanks!

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