How do you enjoy spending time?

How do you enjoy spending time?

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, students will review gerunds and infinitives, and practice using them in speaking and written work.



The student reads a paragraph and pays special attention to gerunds and infinitives in the text. They identify examples and try to figure out their use.



Gerund structure is introduced as well as different types of gerund (subject, object, and subject complement). The rules of use are explained and exemplified (gerunds followed by verbs, adjectives, and prepositions). The student then practices using gerund as subject or object in different sentences.



The structure and use of infinitives are explained, along with some exceptions to the rules.

After learning about gerunds and infinitives, the student practices using these two verb forms depending on the context and completing a dialogue with the appropriate verb forms.

Many adjectives are followed by infinitives, so the list of such adjectives is given for the student to read and use in the exercise that follows.


Video: How sport benefits your body… and your brain

The student watches the video How sport benefits your body… and your brain and completes sentences based on the video with gerunds and infinitives. Then, the student learns the new words from the video by matching  them with the correct meanings (glorify, depend, reinforce, etc.). Furthermore, they match the sports with their benefits.



The lesson ends with a quick review of gerunds and infinitives.



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