How dark is too dark?

How dark is too dark?

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will learn and discuss how movies have changed in terms of shooting and light contrast. They will also practice the word stress.



The student discusses questions related to movies in general, as well as some specific ones.


Video: It’s not you – movies are getting darker

The student first learns words related to the filming process by matching them with the definitions (grainy, film stock, capture, etc.). Then, they practice using the new vocabulary in sentences.

The student watches the video explaining the ‘dark’ trend in the movie industry. They answer the questions based on the video and decide if the video statements are true or false. 

They sort out characteristics of the digital and film camera.


Word stress

Based on phonetic transcriptions, the student writes out the words and decides if they are nouns or verbs. Then, they divide the words into syllables and underline the stressed ones

The lesson ends with an activity in which the student compares shots from different movie sequels using the new vocabulary (Harry Potter, James Bond, and The Addams Family).



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