Explain that!

Explain that!

Lesson overview

This C2 lesson plan focuses on expanding vocabulary used to describe unexpected situations.


We’ll kick things off with an engaging game where students will guess a word from the clues we provide.


We’ll watch a video called “Man Phones His Wife… But Another Man Answers! | Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” to spark a discussion. After the video, we’ll explore its main points with questions aiming for both simple and more reflective responses.


Here the students will get to apply what they’ve learned by unjumbling sentences. They will also be tasked with combining seemingly random events to create structured stories.


Pick a Card

The students will pick a card and discuss the portrayed situation with their teacher.


The students will read a short story about an unexpected situation and discuss how they would have reacted if it had happened to them.


Students are tasked with writing a brief piece on how to turn unexpected situations into opportunities.


To finish up, there will be a discussion based on a word cloud related to surprises.



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