Does sport build character?

Does sport build character?

Lesson overview

This advanced C2-level ESL lesson aims to explore the role of sports in character development. Through a series of activities including a warm-up, video viewing, reading, exercises, and a discussion, students will delve into the complexities and nuances of how sports can both reveal and shape an individual’s character.



The lesson kicks off with a one-on-one discussion between the teacher and the student. The topic: “Discuss how sports have impacted your character, supporting your opinion with facts from your life.”



Students will watch a short video on how playing sports benefits your body and your brain. Post-viewing, students will engage in a short discussion.



The students will read a high-level article discussing psychological studies on sports and character development. This will provide a more academic perspective to the topic and introduce more complex language and ideas.



Two exercises are included:
A fill-in-the-blank exercise featuring advanced phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions related to sports and character.
A matching exercise that requires students to connect statements with the points made in the initial reading text.



To wrap up, students will engage in a guided discussion based on C2-level questions that explore the relationship between sports and character development. Topics will include ethical dilemmas in sports, the role of competition, and the influence of media portrayals.

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