Do you get it yet?

Do you get it yet?

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, the student will get familiar with various meanings and uses of the verb get and learn how to use them in different contexts.



In the introduction part of the lesson, the student reads a few sentences and identifies the repetitive verb –  get. Then, they figure out the meanings of the phrasal verbs with get.


Phrasal verbs with get

The student is presented with a graph connecting the verb get  to different prepositions. They guess which of them can be used to form phrasal verbs. They learn more phrasal verbs with the verb get by matching them to their meanings (e.g. get by, get to, get on, etc.).


First meaning of the verb get: get + adjective = to become

The first meaning of the verb get  is introduced and the student gets to practice it by filling in the gaps and answering trivia questions with the verb get.


Second use of the verb get: get + direct object = to obtain

The student learns about the second meaning of get and practices using it in speech by answering questions about obtaining, buying, and receiving things.


Third use of the verb get: to get + adverb particle/position = move, change position

The student learns that the verb get has another meaning, about which they learn through sentence examples which they match with the explanations. Applying this meaning of get, they rephrase parts of sentences to include get. Furthermore, they get to find and correct mistakes in sentences containing get.


Fourth use of the verb get: to get + place/place adverb = to arrive

Another meaning of get is to arrive. The student practices this use by picking a card with a place on it and explaining how they get there, how often they go there, and when they usually arrive.


Fifth use of the verb get: get + object + participle = to have someone else do an action for you

The student also learns about the causative meaning of the verb get. They practice this use by finishing sentences using this form and rephrasing them to include get.


Video: How much sleep do you really need?

The student watches the TED video How much sleep do you really need? and identifies different uses of the verb get. Then, they rephrase certain sentences from the video to include the verb get and answer questions related to sleep.



Finally, the student plays Jeopardy. They pick a card with a certain number of points, read a sentence and rephrase it to include get.



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