Beauty standards around the world

Beauty standards around the world

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn adjectives used to describe people’s appearance. They will also get to practice adjective comparison.



The student looks at a list of appearance characteristics and discusses what they personally think is beautiful.


Grammar: Using comparatives

The rules for making comparative adjective forms are explained and exemplified. The student puts their knowledge into practice by completing sentences in which beauty standards in different cultures are compared.


Reading: The history of beauty standards

The student reads about the history of beauty standards around the world and answers reading comprehension questions.


Vocabulary: Adjectives of appearance

The student matches adjectives of appearance with their descriptions, and then uses them to fill in the gaps.


Pick a card 

The student picks a card with a name of a famous person. They try to describe their appearance so that the teacher can guess who they are.


Video: The ideal body shape

The student watches a video about people discussing beauty standards in America. The video is followed by a video discussion. 

The student reads statements about compliments and insults in English-speaking countries and decides if they are true or false

Lastly, the student chooses two people from their life and compares them in terms of their appearance.



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interesting lesson!

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Thank you so much, Polina! This is a great lesson!

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Looks very interesting. I'll work this into my sequence "Beauty is skin deep". Great site, thanks.

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thank you! We are happy you are finding our work useful :)

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