An apple a day

An apple a day

Lesson overview

This lesson is designed for those keen on healthy lifestyles. Students will learn about food groups, what should be included in a healthy meal. They’ll also discuss healthy and unhealthy eating habits, while learning and practicing the correct use of adverbs of frequency. 


Warm up

The lesson starts with introductory questions about healthy/unhealthy eating habits. This is followed by an activity in which the student needs to name food groups according to pictures, which are later practiced in a ‘fill in the gaps’ exercise.  



The student gets introduced to the names of food nutrients (e.g. carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc.) through a matching exercise where they are supposed to match the nutrients with their functions. The vocabulary is then put into practice.



The student learns about the most common adverbs of frequency (e.g. never, sometimes, often, etc.) and their use. After that, they practice using them in an exercise where they need to match them to the correct behavior.
The student is given a weekly eating schedule of two people and their task is to say how often these people eat certain meals.

Using a table, the student needs to group adverbs of frequency with the same meaning and then match some of them with the correct percentage of chance.



The student needs to decide whether a person’s eating habit is healthy or unhealthy, and then talk about their own eating habits using a table.


Video time

The last part of the lesson includes a short video about preparing a healthy plate. After watching the video, the student answers questions related to it.



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