Adventures in Space

Adventures in Space

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson, students learn how to use inversion with negative adverbials. They will also learn vocabulary related to space travel and extraterrestrial activities, and discuss the pros and cons of one of the richest people’s trip to space.



The lesson starts with a short passage about a trip to the moon. The passage contains examples of inversion, which are to be identified by the student.


Grammar: inversion

Inversion with negative adverbials (e.g. not only, no sooner than, rarely, etc.)  is introduced. Its structure and use are explained. The student then transforms sentences using inversion to add emphasis or drama, after which they complete sentences using negative adverbials.


Vocabulary: strange space activity

The student reads three passages about strange space activity (The Mariana Incident, Witbank sighting, and Mass UFO sighting) and answers comprehension questions.

The new vocabulary is then extracted from the text, so the student learns the new words by matching them with synonyms and filling in the gaps.


Reading: Jeff Bezos’ trip to space

After reading a short text about Jeff Bezos’ trip to space, the student answers comprehension questions, and learns and practices new vocabulary in a matching exercise.


Video: Jeff Bezos about his trip to the Karman line

After watching the video, the student discusses it and decides on the pros and cons of space travel.



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