21st century classroom

21st century classroom

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, the student will learn vocabulary related to technology in education and discuss how technology is changing the way we learn and study. 



The lesson starts with a few fun facts related to technologies in education. The student chooses the correct alternatives to complete them. 


Vocabulary and discussion: Technologies in education

Then, they are presented with four types of technology that have changed education (smart classrooms, gamification, learning management systems, and mobile devices) to match them with the definitions. Next, they choose the correct endings to the sentence Technology in the classroom…

The student matches the names of apps designed for learning with their descriptions (Kahoot!, edX, Quizlet, and Khan Academy). Next, they discuss using mobile apps for the purpose of learning.

They uncover tiles in a mind map to guess the final answer.


Blended vs. hybrid learning

The student is presented with two lists of characteristics of blended and hybrid learning. They need to decide which one is blended or hybrid. Moreover, they are given examples of both learning types to decide which one is blended/hybrid.


Vocabulary: Modern technologies

By matching words and phrases, the student creates collocations used to talk about modern technologies (infinite possibilities, game-based applications, digital books, etc.).

They tick the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education

Next, they match objects used in education shown in pictures with their names (school lockers, analog projectors, VR headsets, etc.).


Video: 5 technologies that will change classroom education

The student watches a video about five technologies predicted to change classroom education (hologram, biometrics, VR, 3D printing, and cloud technology). The student watches the video again to fill in the gaps. This is followed by a discussion based on the video. 

The student matches halves of sentences to get quotes about education by famous people

Looking at the word cloud, the student circles collocations that can be used to talk about using technology in education.

Finally, the student finishes some topic-related sentences in their own words.



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