The Best Methods for Teaching English

The Best Methods for Teaching English

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Choosing the best way to teach English, it is needed to adjust the learning method to your students’ preferences, time possibilities, and interests. The days of learning from boring, difficult, and predictable exercises are long gone. It’s time to choose a whole new method! Check out, what possibilities you have.

English lessons for everyone

We all have our own learning pace and possibilities. Kids learn faster than adults, but it doesn’t mean that if you are a grown-up, there is no more learning hope for you. By planning lessons, you have to consider what your students enjoy most when learning new words, idioms, and phrases.

It doesn’t have to be exercises that they know well from school. Play with language, learning, and use methods that will not only give knowledge but also provide fun in the process! Adults may need some more time to learn every day (sometimes even 60 or 90 minutes), but it is surely possible to improve language skills by spending only 20 or 30 minutes on learning per day.

Having fun is the best way to quickly remember new phrases and start using English fluently – sometimes in just a few months!

Learning English through pop culture

What is one of the best learning methods? Watching TV! If your students like movies or series, try to have them watch them without reading subtitles or set it in English and read at the same time.

With learning through movies there are many possibilities – they can write all words you don’t understand, translate them and make sentences including them. Don’t forget to have them repeat after actors, so you can learn the proper pronunciation.

And maybe songs? Sometimes songwriters put some minor mistakes in their lyrics, but it is still one of the best ways to learn English, especially idioms and everyday, casual English.

Don’t translate, understand

People, who want to try bungee jumping, often hear the same from instructors: don’t think, jump. It is indeed the best way to face fear. Is it possible to use the same mechanism when learning a foreign language? Of course!

When you read or watch something in English, don’t pay much attention to exact transitions. Instead of it, just try to understand the meaning of the statement and figure out, where else you can use newly learned phrases.

It’s not about not translating at all – the point is to remember some grammar rules, phrases, and idioms. Sometimes it would be learning by heart, but don’t worry – understanding will come step by step.

English lessons and language games

When you don’t feel really comfortable to have your students learning from movies, series or songs (which means your English level isn’t that high, or you face many accents at once), try some easy language games at first.

Speaking of it, the most common are especially flashcards, association games, and “true or false” questions. Simple exercises may help learn new words and phrases, but also successive learn grammar rules (especially grammatical exceptions such as irregular verbs).

ESL Lesson Plans

English Lesson Plans is nothing but a convenient learning program, which improves language skills.

Learning with the ESL lesson plans, you may choose various topics, English level and lesson duration. They can last 30, 45, 60 or even 90 minutes. They are all created for improving language skills easily and by fun. Every lesson you take will be very engaging and pleasurable. Worksheets and other materials, included in ESL plans, are perfectly adapted to your needs and English level.

See? English lessons don’t need to be boring!

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