Your brain on travel

Your brain on travel

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, students will learn how travel not only impacts our brains but strengthens them. They will practice vocabulary related to traveling and creativity. Also, they will critically think and discuss their travel experiences and if that has changed them.



The lesson starts with a quote about traveling boosting creativity. To warm up for the topic, the student learns and discusses what activities can make our brains strong. Next, they sort out the activities that keep or don’t keep our brains in shape.


Video: Your brain on travel

Before they watch the video Your brain on travel, the student discusses how traveling affects them.

After watching the video, they match the pieces of information with the experts that shared them in the video. This is followed by a video comprehension exercise. The student attempts to solve Duncker’s candle problem to test their problem-solving skills

The vocabulary used in the video is extracted for the student to match it with the meanings (it’s child’s play, prune away, share the same sentiment, etc.). Then, they practice using it in sentences.


Vocabulary: Traveling and creativity

The student first gets familiar with the meaning of new words (awe, measurable, cortisol, etc.). Then, they use them to complete sentences and choose the correct synonyms for each.

The student further tests their knowledge of vocabulary by filling in the word triangles for words awe, novel and enrich using their synonyms, definitions, and sentence examples.


Vocabulary: travel-related idioms

The student revises some travel-related idioms (hit the road, thirst for adventure, live out of suitcase, etc.) and chooses the correct ones to complete sentences.


Reading: Neuroplasticity

The student reads a passage about neuroplasticity and tests their reading comprehension by answering the questions based on the text.



Based on everything they learned in the lesson, the student discusses what makes travelers good problem solvers, how traveling impacts our brains, and decides if the statements based on the information from the lesson are true or false.



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