You won’t survive unless you have the basics

You won’t survive unless you have the basics

Lesson overview

In this ESL grammar lesson, students will watch a short video about how to survive in the wilderness with only essential tools and equipment. They will also learn how to use several different alternatives to “if” in conditional sentences.


Warm-up discussion

The lesson starts with a warm-up discussion about camping.


Video: Wilderness survival kit

Before watching a video, the student gets familiar with some topic-related vocabulary (kit, rations, shelter, tinder, etc.). The student matches the words with their meanings and uses them to complete sentences.

They watch a video and learn about the wilderness survival kit. Then, the student answers the video comprehension questions that follow.

Some more words are extracted from the video for the student to match them with definitions (run into, trim sth down, dunk, etc.).


Grammar: Alternatives to if

The student gets introduced to different alternatives to if  when expressing conditions (unless, provided, even if, etc.). They put their knowledge into practice by rephrasing if-sentences using more appropriate alternatives

They also check and correct the mistakes in sentences containing unless, even if, and as long as


Wrap-up questions

The lesson ends with a few discussion questions about wilderness survival to sum up the lesson.



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