Why we call our partner baby

Why we call our partner baby

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson, students will learn about character traits and how they can affect relationships, and some common vocabulary used when discussing the topics.


Warm-up discussion

In the first part of the lesson, the student discusses relationships that they have.


Video: Why we call our partner “baby”

Prior to watching the video, the students will get familiar with some of the words used in the video (vulnerability, growing up, mature, puerile, selective regression, defensiveness, healthy) and use them in sentences.  

Finally, the student watches the video “Why we call our partner “baby” and completes the video comprehension practice.


Vocabulary: Character traits

The student learns character traits that affect relationships.  They match them with their meanings and use them in sentences. Then, they are given descriptions of a people’s character traits and try to guess which one it is.

Next, they complete two mind maps – character traits for good and bad relationships.

To revise the vocabulary they learned, the student picks a card with a picture of two people and describes their relationship as well as their characters.


Wrap-up questions

In the speaking exercise, the student summarizes the ideas and advice related to relationships they learned in the lesson. 



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