Why being skinny used to be easier

Why being skinny used to be easier

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of being skinny, discuss things which might have an influence on the weight of a person,  learn phrases to agree and disagree with the interlocutor, find out the names of different fitness activities, as well as discover more on the topic of passive structures.



The student answers questions based on memes about healthy lifestyle.


Video: Why being skinny used to be easier

Before watching a video explaining why being skinny used to be easier, the student learns new vocabulary to help them understand the video (balanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, out of whack, etc.). Then, they complete the video comprehension practice.


Useful expressions: Agreeing and disagreeing

The student practices using phrases to express agreement or disagreement.


Grammar: Passive forms

The student reviews passive form structure and practices using it to complete the sentences.


Vocabulary: Fitness activities

The student learns some basic fitness activities and matches them to pictures (lunges, crunches, push-ups, etc.).


The lesson ends with a review.

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