Why are smartphones so smart?

Why are smartphones so smart?

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn some useful words and expressions related to smartphones.


Smartphones – we all have them. They can make our lives easier, but also harder. One way or another, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Can you explain in English what your smart device can do for you? If not, start this lesson right now. A lot of tech vocabulary is coming your way! Enjoy! 



The lesson starts with a few warm-up questions about smartphones. Then, the student fills in the gaps using the verbs show, send, take, make, and access, to name different functions of smartphones.



The student matches explanations with the pictures of a flashlight, calculator, timer, and a stopwatch.
The student then labels pictures of smartphone equipment using words from the box (earphones, charger, phone case, screen protector, power bank). Then, they read definitions of these words, mark them true or false, and fix the false ones.


Video: How to put your Android into vibrate/silent mode

The student watches the video How to put your Android into vibrate/silent mode and memorizes the correct order of simple instructions.


Vocabulary: smartphone equipment

The student matches opposite sentences, such as My battery is dead. – I’ve got a full battery.

They also choose the correct alternatives in instructions on using a smartphone.

In a speaking exercise, the student describes problems they usually have with smartphones. Then, they talk about the smartphone features they use and also, give instructions on how to use these features.



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