Who, whom, whose

Who, whom, whose

Lesson overview

The student reads a short paragraph and identifies relative pronouns (who, which, and, whose).


Defining relative clauses

Defining relative clauses are explained and a sentence example is given for every relative pronoun (who, whom, whose, which, where, and that). Then, the student practices using relative pronouns by filling in the gaps and revises what they learned in a quick test.

Then, pairs of sentences need to be joined together using who, whom, or whose.

Then comes an exercise in which the student also chooses two correct relative pronouns for each sentence.


Non-defining relative clauses

The student learns about the use and purpose of non-defining relative clauses and then practices their use by filling in the gaps.


Quantifiers in non-defining clauses

First, quantifiers are elicited from the student, who then combines them with of which/of whom/of whose to make and complete non-defining clauses.

Video: Whoever or whomever?

In a funny scene from The Office, the student listens to different explanations of the word whomever people give and tries to decide which of them are correct/incorrect.


Quiz: relative clauses

In a quick wrap-up quiz, the student tests their knowledge of relative pronouns and clauses.



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