Who are you talking about?

Who are you talking about?

Lesson overview

This Intermediate ESL lesson focuses on teaching and practicing reflexive pronouns.



The lesson starts with a few questions, all of which have the same answer (a reflexive pronoun). 


Grammar: reflexive pronouns

In this part, regular pronouns (I, we, they, etc.) and reflexive pronouns are compared

After that, the student matches regular pronouns with the corresponding reflexive pronouns.


Video time: John Cusack in  1408

The student watches a segment from the movie 1408 and observes Cusack’s actions in the scene. Then, they fill in the gaps using reflexive pronouns.


By + reflexive pronouns/Prepositions of place + object pronouns

The meaning of reflexive pronouns changes slightly when they follow the preposition “by.” The student learns when we cannot use reflexive pronouns.



This is a brief overview of the lesson.




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