What did you do on holiday?

What did you do on holiday?

Lesson overview

The student will read and talk about past events (mostly holidays) using past simple forms of irregular verbs.


Warm-up discussion

The student reads a quote about holidays and discusses what they like doing on holiday, where they like to go, and their overall experience with holidays.


Grammar: Past Simple – irregular verbs

Irregular verbs are explained and some of the most frequent irregular verbs are presented to the student (e.g. eat – ate, drink – drank).

The student then learns irregular forms by matching them with their present forms.

Then, they need to transform sentences in the present tense into the past tense, most of them being irregular.


Reading: on a holiday with a friend

The student reads a few paragraphs about a holiday with a friend and completes the sentences with the correct irregular past forms from the box.


Video: Did you know? – movie trivia

After watching the video about movie trivia, the student fills in the gaps with the correct form of verbs in brackets.



As a wrap-up, the student talks about their past holidays as well as their plans for holidays in the future.



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