What causes an economic recession?

What causes an economic recession?

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson, students will learn how to use appropriate language when describing economics and finance. They will also learn how to manipulate ‘what’ clauses for better accuracy. 



The lesson starts with a paragraph in which the student identifies language related to finance and the economy (tighten the belt, rock bottom prices, high-risk investment, etc.).


Vocabulary: Recession

The student learns what recession is and matches the words and expressions related to it with the correct meanings (inflation, foreclosure, downsize, etc.). Then, they use them to complete the sentences.


Reading: The 2008 Crash

The student reads a text about the Wall Street crash in 2008 and answers the reading comprehension questions.


Grammar: What clauses

The student learns about what clauses and practices using them in various exercises. They also learn the difference between using what and which.


Vocabulary: Economy

The student learns the characteristics of a bear market and a bull market, and how to distinguish between them. Next, they sort out the causes and effects of an economic recession.


Reading: Global economy predictions

The student reads a passage about predictions regarding the global economy and matches the new words from the text with their meanings (attributed, disrupted, emerging markets, etc.).


Video: What causes an economic recession?

The student watches the video What causes an economic recession? and learns about the economic basics of modern markets. They complete video comprehension exercises.


Reading: How to cut corners during a recession

The student reads a text about ways to cut corners during a recession and completes it with the missing words. 

Finally, based on the advice from the text, the student creates their own money management plan and answers some wrap-up questions to share their opinion on the topic.



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