What a unique world we live in!

What a unique world we live in!

Lesson overview

This lesson allows students to see how superlatives are used in a natural setting. Students will also discuss tourist attractions of different countries including their own.



The student reveals hints to guess the secret country. Then, they read a passage about advantages and disadvantages of living in this country. They answer reading comprehension questions.


Grammar: Superlatives

The student learns how superlatives are formed and used. They put their knowledge into practice by matching superlatives with their antonyms and using them to fill in the gaps. They also find the mistakes and correct them.


Pick a card

The student chooses one card from a superlative and one card from a situation group. Then, they make a sentence using both cards. 

Finally, the student reveals hints to guess the final word. The association map is related to tourist attractions. Following this exercise, they discuss the most important aspects when visiting a foreign country.



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