We’re going on a jet plane

We’re going on a jet plane

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, students learn how to use the Present Continuous and the Future Continuous to express future actions. They will also acquire vocabulary related to traveling.



The student reads a friend’s invitation to NYC and tries to identify future forms in the text (Present Continuous and Future Continuous).


Expressing the future

Following the text, the student learns about the future use of Present Continuous and the use and structure of Future Continuous. They are also introduced to some keywords that indicate future events (e.g. later, next week, tomorrow morning).
The theoretical part is followed by practice in the form of circling correct future forms, filling in the gaps with the missing phrases, and choosing the best answer.
Finally, the student practices the use of the future forms in a speaking exercise.


Reading: For those with itchy feet

The student reads two short passages about travelling and learns travel-related vocabulary (e.g. pilgrimage, journey, route, etc.) by filling in the gaps and matching new words with their meanings.


Video: Why travelling is important

In a short video, the student learns about the benefits of travelling and completes the sentences mentioned in the video with the missing words. They match the words extracted from the video with their synonyms.

The lesson ends with a word family table that needs to be completed.

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