We can work through it together

We can work through it together

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson, the student will learn and practice giving constructive feedback and receiving it.



The lesson starts with a mind map with clues, based on which the student tries to guess the final word (feedback). The student reads different definitions of the word and looks for the synonyms in a word cloud (criticism, assessment, critique).


Vocabulary: Feedback

The student learns the difference between an opinion and feedback. Then, they read about the origin of the word feedback and choose the best summary of the paragraph.

They learn about five different categories of feedback and try to match them with descriptions. Next, they mark the adjectives that collocate with feedback with + if it has a positive meaning and – if it has a negative meaning. They also learn which prepositions collocate with the word feedback and correct the mistakes.

This section ends with a discussion about the purpose and importance of giving feedback.


Video: Giving critical feedback

The student watches a video in which Simon Sinek explains how to give critical feedback. Then, they choose a sentence that summarizes the video best. The student learns what a compliment sandwich is and makes one using the given sentences.


Vocabulary and practice

The student matches the types of feedback you can give with appropriate pictures (response, advice, comment, etc.).


Video: How to give constructive feedback

After watching a video of an employer giving feedback to their employee, the student ticks the phrases that the employer used.

Next, they are presented with sentences and phrases to sort out according to different aspects of giving feedback – picking the right moment, mentioning the positives, offering solutions, etc.

Based on what they learned, the student crosses out all phrases that shouldn’t be included in the feedback.

Furthermore, they practice giving constructive feedback in different situations/contexts.

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