Traveling in a post-Covid world

Traveling in a post-Covid world

Lesson overview

Students will learn hot vocabulary related to traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic and put it into practice in a number of exercises. Students will also discuss their own experience of traveling and life in new circumstances, as well as state their opinion on COVID passports.


Warm-up discussion

The lesson starts with a discussion about traveling after the pandemic.



The student learns new vocabulary related to post-COVID tourism by filling in the gaps (prioritize, enhance, collaborate, etc.).


Video: COVID-19: Will travel ever be the same?

The student watches a video about traveling in a post-COVID world and answers questions based on the video.
New words are extracted from the video for the student to match them with their meanings (hardship, disrupt, exacerbate, etc.).


Vocabulary: traveling measures

The student learns some new vocabulary used to talk about traveling measures during the pandemic (sanitagging, travel bubble, mothballing, nonessential travel) and use them to complete the sentences.



The student gives their opinion about vaccines and COVID passports.


Video: I did a little dance!

The student watches a short video of the press conference as the New Zealand Prime Minister discusses the country’s handling of the virus and the effects on the economy. They answer the questions that follow.



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