Tips for better sleep

Tips for better sleep

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson, students will learn how to discuss their sleeping patterns using new vocabulary, as well as discover ways to improve their sleep.



The lesson starts with some scientific information about sleep and rest, which sparks a few questions related to the student’s sleeping cycle.


Vocabulary related to sleeping

The student learns idiomatic expressions related to sleeping by using them to complete sentences and later discuss which of the statements they identify themselves with. After that, they match them with the correct meaning. Then, they answer the questions related to sleep using some of these idiomatic expressions.


Video: 6 tips for better sleep

After watching a video about tips for better-quality sleep, the student answers questions related to the video and tries to list all the tips. Then, they mark the sentences as true or false.


Discussion: sleep deprivation

The student tries to match percentages to statistics related to sleep deprivation. Following this, they talk about their sleep schedule, trying to utilize the new vocabulary as much as they can.

Finally, the student organizes the sleeping expressions into positive, negative, and neutral.



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