Time for School!

Time for School!

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson, students learn how to express wishes and regrets, and language related to school and education.


Warm-up: wishes

As a warm-up activity, the student identifies wishes in a short paragraph. Then, different uses of wish and if only are introduced.


Grammar: wish and if only

After learning about the formation, structure, and use of wish and if only, the student puts their knowledge into practice by filling in the missing words using different forms of verbs. Then, they rewrite sentences with wish using if only.


Reading: Education system in English speaking countries

The student reads a passage about the education system in the USA, UK, and Ireland, after which they complete the sentences based on the passage


Vocabulary: education

New words are extracted from the text for the student to match them with their meanings and use them to complete the sentences.


Reading: public vs. private schools

The student reads a passage and learns about differences between private and public schools. After that, they discuss questions related to the passage and practice the new vocabulary acquired from the reading exercise.


Video: Why Finland’s schools outperform most others 

After learning about education and curriculum in Finland, the student completes the missing words in the sentences related to the video.

Reading and vocabulary practice: Singaporean education

The student reads and learns about education in Singapore, while at the same time practicing education-related vocabulary.
After finishing, the student compares and contrasts the Singaporean and Finnish education systems.


Vocabulary practice: education levels

The student sorts out education-related words into three categories: primary education, secondary education, and third-level education.



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