The shortest flight in the world

The shortest flight in the world

Lesson overview

This Intermediate lesson plan gives opportunities to produce simple and organized sentences about personal experiences and opinions about traveling by plane.



The lesson starts with a speaking exercise related to the student’s experience with air travel.


Video: The shortest flight in the world

Before watching the video, the student matches new words with their meanings (aircraft, altitude, airfield, etc.) and uses them to complete the sentences.

They watch a video about the shortest flight in the world and answer questions based on it. Then, they brainstorm the different people and teams that make the world’s shortest flight possible


Grammar: Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

The student reviews and contrasts the uses of Present Simple and Present Continuous. They put their knowledge into practice by completing sentences with the correct verb forms. 

In the final exercise, the student names two things that make a flight the best and worst.

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