The problem with travel

The problem with travel

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, the student will discuss traveling and problems which might occur when having a vacation. They will also learn and practice inversion.



The student completes travel-related words with the missing letters to create an acronym (travel) and guess the lesson topic.


Video: The problem with travel

Prior to watching a video, the student matches new words with their definitions (linger, grievous, encapsulate, twitchy, etc.). They check their understanding of the new vocabulary by matching it with antonyms.

The student watches the video The problem with travel and completes the video comprehension practice. They mark the statements based on the video true or false.


Vocabulary: Adjectives with positive and negative meaning

Adjectives from the video are extracted for the student to put them into two groups – adjectives with positive and negative meaning.

The student replaces words and phrases in sentences with adjectives of the same meaning. They also practice changing nouns into adjectives to complete sentences.


Grammar: Inversion

The student learns about inversion – the use and structure. They sort out negative adverbials used in inversion (not only, only if, hardly, etc.).

They practice inversion by rewriting sentences so that they use the negative adverbials given in brackets.


Vocabulary: Strong adjectives

The student learns what strong adjectives are and sorts them according to their meaning. They also practice combining base adjectives with intensifiers.

Finally, the student practices reacting to situations by using adjectives they learned in the lesson.



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