The moon controversy

The moon controversy

Lesson overview

In this Upper Intermediate lesson plan, students will practice vocabulary related to conspiracy theories and become more comfortable with using adjective clauses.



The students look at pictures and try to come up with one phrase that describes them all.



Students will view a video titled “Exposed: Apollo 11 Moon landing conspiracy theories | Just The FAQs” After watching the video, they will answer questions to check for comprehension.



This segment introduces adjective clauses with examples to illustrate their use.



In this part of the lesson plan the students will be asked to transform simple sentences into more complex ones using adjective clauses.

Students will also learn new vocabulary by matching terms with their definitions.



In this part, the students will read a short text about conspiracy theories and answer a set of questions related to the text.



The lesson concludes with a short text. The students are tasked with judging how believable it is.



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