The food of the future

The food of the future

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, the students will acquire language related to the pros and cons of technology in food. They will learn about compound nouns and compound adjectives. 



The lesson starts with a paragraph about the weather forecast in which the student identifies compound nouns and adjectives (rainfall, snowstorm, sunshine, etc.).

They learn how to make compound nouns, compound adjectives, as well as some other compound structures. Then, they practice using compound structures to complete the sentences. They also build their own compounds by matching the words in two columns (snowflake, fingerprint, classmate, etc.). 

As an introduction to the lesson topic, the student comes up with compounds based on the word corn (cornflake, barleycorn, cornucopia, etc.).


Food idioms

The student learns and practices some common idioms related to food (bad egg, butter up, hard nut to crack, etc.).


Video: The food of future

The student watches a video Can lab-grown meat become the food of the future? and completes the video comprehension practice. They also match the words from the video with their meanings (proliferate, ethically acceptable, commonly held assumption, etc.).


Reading: Using genetic modification to feed the world

The student reads a passage about how GMO food can help feed the world. Then, they complete the reading comprehension.

This is followed by a matching exercise in which the student matches GMO crops produced and sold in the USA with their images. Next, they sort out the pros and cons of genetically modified food.


Video: Farms of the future

The student watches a video about sustainable food development and answers the questions based on the video. 

The lesson ends with a vocabulary review and a word family exercise.



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