The body keeps the score

The body keeps the score

Lesson overview

This lesson includes loads of useful expressions and phrases used to talk about trauma and addiction.



The student reads a brief explanation of trauma and answers the questions related to it.


Video: The body keeps the score

The student’s task is to create a definition of trauma based on the video The body keeps the score.
Then, they match names of trauma responses (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) with their descriptions.



The student looks for synonyms of the phrase inflict trauma in a word cloud

Next, to complete a list of disorders, the student matches the names to the descriptions (cumulative trauma disorder, acute stress disorder, etc.). This is followed by a discussion about collective trauma.

Then, they learn about PTSD, choose PTSD symptoms from a list, and underline the positive ways of coping with it.
The student also learns about EMDR as a type of trauma treatment by completing the text with the missing words.


Video: What is addiction?

The student listens to Dr. Gabor Mate’s explanation of what addiction is and how it’s related to trauma. Then, they complete video comprehension practice.

In the final part of the lesson, the student will read and discuss famous quotes about addiction and trauma.



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