The best country to live in!

The best country to live in!

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson designed for A2 students, teachers will find grammar exercises dealing with superlative adjectives, as well as discussion exercises related to visiting countries of the world.




The student names as many countries as they can, based on a map. They talk about their own country as well as the countries they visited.

Then, they guess the names of the countries based on their flags.


Grammar: superlative adjectives


In this part of the lesson, the structure of superlative adjective form is introduced. After that, the student applies the knowledge of the rules by filling in the gaps using superlative adjectives.

The student then learns about irregular superlative forms and puts their skill into practice in another ‘fill in the gaps’ exercise.


Video time: Countries explained


After watching a fun-fact video about countries of the world, the student corrects the mistakes in the statements related to the video.




In the last exercise, the student completes the sentences using superlative adjectives and their own experience.




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