Technology behind chocolate chip cookies

Technology behind chocolate chip cookies

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn and practice using vocabulary related to the baking process and baking ingredients. They will also learn about the First Conditional.



The student learns a few facts about chocolate chip cookies and then uses what they learned to complete the map of associations linked to chocolate chip cookies. (semi-sweet chocolate, biscuit, dessert, etc.).


Video: How it’s made: Chocolate chip cookies

First, the student learns new words that will appear in the video (melt, recipe, mixer, etc.). Then, they use them to fill in the blanks and match them with their synonyms.

Next, the student watches the video How it’s made: Chocolate chip cookies. Then, they decide if the statements based on the video are true or false. The student puts the recipe instructions in the correct order and then discusses questions related to the video.


Reading: History of chocolate chip cookies

The student reads about the history of chocolate chip cookies and answers the questions based on the text.


Reading: Chocolate chip cookies recipe

The student completes the reading comprehension practice after reading the text. 


Grammar: First conditional

The student learns about the structure and correct use of the First Conditional. They put their knowledge into practice by completing first conditional sentences with correct verb forms and fixing mistakes. They further practice the First Conditional by completing and creating conditional chains.

The lesson ends with a section of wrap-up questions covering the vocabulary and grammar learned.



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