Skin-deep QR codes

Skin-deep QR codes

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, the student will learn and practice using vocabulary related to QR codes and their purpose. They will also practice using so, so many, such, and such a.



The student scans a QR code and answers the questions that appear on their phone.


Video: These intricate codes are more than skin-deep

Before watching a video, the student learns new words by matching them with their meanings (technology, QR code, barcode, consumer, etc.). Then, they match the examples shown in pictures to the vocabulary words and use them in sentences.

Next, they watch the video: These intricate codes are more than skin-deep. They learn more vocabulary (integrate, innovative, unique, etc.) and use it to complete the video information. They also answer questions related to the video and check if the information based on it is true or false.


Reading: How to use QR codes

They read two passages on how to use a QR code and answer reading comprehension questions.


Grammar: such, such a, so, so many

The student learns how to properly use such, such a, so, and so many. Then, they put their knowledge into practice.

The lesson ends with a few wrap-up questions.


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