Should we make up or break up?

Should we make up or break up?

Lesson overview

This Intermediate ESL lesson focuses on discussion about different kinds of human relationships and vocabulary used to describe relationships.


Grammar: Phrasal verbs to talk about relationships

The lesson starts with a conversation between two friends in which phrasal verbs are missing. The student completes the dialogue using phrasal verbs from the box (make up, break up, go out, etc.).

The phrasal verbs are extracted for the student to match them with their meanings and then complete the sentences.


Taboo game

The student picks a card with a phrasal verb to explain to their teacher and with taboo words which they can’t use in their explanation. The teacher tries to guess


Reading an email

The student reads and completes an email using the nine phrasal verbs they learned earlier.



The student describes their relationships with different people and their feelings about given situations.


Video: good vs. toxic friends

After watching the video, the student contrasts characteristics of good and toxic friends and answers questions related to the video.




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