Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, students will practice vocabulary and ideas related to sharing pictures and information about their children online. They will watch a video and read an article about the subject. We will go over adverbs in the middle position in grammar.



The lesson starts with a discussion about social media.


Video: Are Parents Exploiting Their Kids on Social Media?

Before watching a video, the student is introduced to new vocabulary through a matching exercise (petition, oversharing, expunge, etc.). They will practice using the new words and matching some of them. They will watch the video, which discusses how current solutions don’t seem to work, and then discuss questions based on the video.


Reading for understanding:

The student will read an article about children being portrayed on social media and discuss it with the teacher. They will also match the vocabulary found in the article with the definitions (bombard, spawn, belittle, etc.).



The student reviews the lesson topic by answering wrap-up questions.



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