Quit smoking like a champ

Quit smoking like a champ

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the students will learn about the bad habit of smoking and tips to overcome smoking addiction. Students will also learn how to create question forms using affirmative sentences / statements. This lesson will also focus on some common vocabulary used when discussing the topic. 


Warm-Up Discussion

In the first part of the lesson, the teacher and student discuss bad habits in a general way and what bad habits the student recognizes in his/her life/the lives of their loved ones.


Video: “5 Tips to Quit Smoking”

Before watching the video, the teacher elicits students’ knowledge of and experience with smoking.


The teacher then helps the student get familiar with 10 of the words used in the video: quitting, craving, nicotine, withdrawal, champ, target, urge, triggers, replacement, medicine by reading the definitions and practicing pronunciation of each word. 

Next, they watch the video, “5 Tips to Quit Smoking”.

After watching the video, the student will proceed to answer video comprehension questions. 


Grammar: Making questions

Next, the student learns the grammar point, Question Forms and how to use affirmative statements to ask questions. 


Wrap-Up Questions

The student completes a short “Question Form” mind map activity.


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