Picking the right passion project

Picking the right passion project

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will learn about a minimalist approach to hobbies, and some common vocabulary used when discussing the topic.


Warm-up discussion

In the first part of the lesson, the student discusses hobbies in general as well as minimalism.


Video: Picking the right passion project

Prior to watching the video, the student gets familiar with some of the words used in the video (hobby hopping, minimalist, hassle, minimalism, restless) by matching them with the correct meanings. Then, they watch the video How do I pick the right hobby or passion project?. After watching it, the student answers video comprehension questions. Next, the student completes the sentences extracted from the video with the missing words. Then, these words and phrases are matched with their meanings.


Wrap-up questions

In the speaking exercise, the student summarizes the ideas and advice related to hobbies they learned in the lesson.



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