People you know

People you know

Lesson overview

Students begin by reviewing vocabulary about people in their lives, before moving on to review and practice the past simple tense. The lesson builds towards a Q&A session between student and teacher, which makes use of all the target language covered.



The lesson starts with a reading exercise in the form of a conversation. The student’s task is to identify the people/relationships mentioned.


Vocabulary: People’s roles

The student revises vocabulary about people in their lives and their relationships with them (neighbor, classmate, flatmate, etc.). Then, the student reads a few dialogues which they complete with the most appropriate words. They are presented with sentences in which certain parts are underlined. These parts need to be replaced with words that carry the same meaning.


Grammar: Past Simple

Past Simple structure and use are reviewed and followed by a grammar exercise in which the student completes the sentences with Past Simple verb forms.


Going back to vocabulary, the student is given situations about which he answers questions using the vocabulary they had previously learned.


Pick a card

The student picks a card with a person on it. They need to describe who that person is without using the word on the card (acquaintance, boss, stranger, etc.).


The student learns expressions used to describe relationships (hit it off, kindred spirits, bosom pals, etc.). Next, they sort people’s roles into four groups – family, work/school,  friends, other.


Video: Simon Sinek explains different relationships

Author and leadership expert Simon Sinek explains the difference between professional relationships, acquaintances, and friendships. The student watches the video, fills in the gaps, and answers questions using the information from the video.


Finally, the student discusses different people in their lives in a speaking exercise.



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