May I have a drink?

May I have a drink?

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn expressions to make requests. They will also acquire language to order something in a coffee shop.



The student reads a paragraph and pays special attention to words used to make requests (could we please, would you like, etc.).


Grammar: Making requests

The student learns about phrases/verbs we use to make requests and express desires (would like, can, could , may, etc.). They practice what they learned by completing sentences with the correct verbs.


Video: Why shouldn’t passengers order coffee on a plane?

After watching a video about making requests on an airplane, they complete the video comprehension practice. The student also learns meanings of new words from the video by matching them with their synonyms.



The student revises ways to make requests by finishing questions in their own words. They also make requests based on pictures of food.

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