Manners matter!

Manners matter!

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, students will watch a video about manners and etiquette, and discuss this topic. They will also learn to ask questions politely, and practice asking for help.


Opening discussion

The lesson starts with a discussion about good manners and how important it is to have them.


Video: Etiquette lesson

Prior to watching an SNL skit – Etiquette lesson, the student matches the vocabulary used in the video with the correct meaning (protocol, scone, royal event, etiquette coach, and christening). After watching the funny skit, they answer the questions based on the video
The student then uses the words they learned and fills in the gaps to complete the sentences.


Asking questions politely

Following the video, a quick lesson on polite questions is introduced. The student is given examples of common questions and their polite equivalents (e.g. How do I get there? – Could you possibly tell me how to get there?).

The student then matches polite questions with the places where they are likely to hear them (e.g. at the supermarket, at the gym, etc.).

They further practice making questions more polite by rephrasing the common questions, finding and correcting mistakes, or using props.


Final discussion and roleplay

The student has to talk about three different situations with their teacher, in which they practice asking questions politely.
The lesson ends with a discussion about good and bad manners.



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