Let’s talk stocks!

Let’s talk stocks!

Lesson overview

This Intermediate ESL lesson allows students to use adverbs to talk about movements in a graph. 



The lesson starts with a passage about conventional stocks and Crypto investments.  After reading the passage, the student answers the comprehension questions



In this part of the lesson, adverbs used to describe graph movements and data are introduced (e.g. suddenly, rapidly, sharply, gradually, etc.). The student then reads a passage about the crypto market and chooses the most suitable adverbs to complete it. After that, the student fills in the gaps using correct adverbs.
Using their prior knowledge of word formation, the student fills in the table with adjective forms derived from the given adverbs, which are then used to complete sentences in the following exercise.


Describing and discussing graphs

In this part of the lesson, the student has to decide whether the situations described are positive or negative.

The student is then shown a graph which they describe using adverbs they get by picking cards. After that, they correct the mistakes in sentences related to the use of adverbs.


Video time

The student watches a video to understand what stocks are and what individuals hope to achieve through investments, after which they discuss different types of investors, investment strategies, and what affects stock prices.


Word making and a guessing game

The student is offered five words which they can combine in order to get compound nouns related to the stock market, and then match the compound nouns they created to their definitions. 

The lesson ends with a guessing game in which the student needs to guess the final word by revealing the hints.



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