Let’s go to the spa!

Let’s go to the spa!

Lesson overview

In this ESL lesson plan for adults, the student will learn vocabulary related to relaxing, beauty treatments, and self-care. They will also get to learn and practice some useful phrases when requesting information or booking a treatment.



The lesson starts with a set of questions about ways to relax. This is followed by a word cloud based on which the student tries to guess the ‘secret’ word (spa). The student then shares their experiences of going to the spa.


Vocabulary: Spa

Through a matching exercise, the student learns about oils (lavender, peppermint, chamomile, etc.) and different body treatments used in spas (body scrub, reflexology, body wrap, etc.) These are then used to fill in the gaps.
Based on what they learned about body treatments, the student matches them with problems spa clients might have.
The student is given descriptions of some spa treatments for which they have to come up with mysterious names.


Video: A day at the Five Seasons spa

The student watches a video about spending a day at a spa. They list the beauty treatments displayed in the video. Then, they fill in the gaps  based on the video.

Following this exercise, the student learns some useful phrases when booking a treatment or requesting information.


Relaxation phrasals and idioms

The student learns a couple of phrasal verbs related to relaxation (hang loose, put your feet up, wind down, etc.)

Next, the student picks a card and answers a question about ways to relax after tense situations.


Reading: Spa reviews

The student reads spa reviews and answers the questions that follow.



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