It’s time to get the house just right

It’s time to get the house just right

Lesson overview

This A2 ESL lesson shows students how prepositions of place are a commonly used grammar point as they explore different ways to decorate a room or home. Students will learn about different interior styles and how common household items would be placed in such a style.



The lesson starts with a passage talking about Feng Shui. The student reads it and answers reading comprehension questions.


Grammar: Prepositions of place

The most common prepositions of place are listed, explained, and exemplified – in, at, and on. Then, the student learns more prepositions of place through examples – in front of, above, behind, next to, etc.

They practice what they learned by filling in the gaps with the missing prepositions and describing positions of objects in a picture. They also practice using prepositions by finding and correcting mistakes.


Reading: Interior design

The student reads descriptions of different interior styles and decides which one suits them the most.


Pick a card

The student picks one card with a preposition and one with an interior style. Then, they try to use both words within the same sentence.


Video: Spacious mini tiny house

By watching this video, the student learns how the tiny house uses space differently compared to a traditional home. Then, they answer video comprehension questions. The lesson ends with a discussion about tiny homes.



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