It might be a hoax

It might be a hoax

Lesson overview

In this A2 grammar lesson, students will watch a short video about strange footprints possibly made by yetis, and learn to use might to express possibility. 


Warm-up questions

The lesson starts with a few introduction questions related to traveling in mountains and what can be seen there.


Video: Evidence of the Yeti

Prior to watching a video, the student needs to get familiar with some new words (Yeti, footprints, ice ax, altitude, hoax) through a matching exercise. Then, they watch a NatGeo video about the evidence of the Yeti and answer three sets of video comprehension questions. Afterwards, they practice using the new vocabulary by filling in the gaps.


Grammar: might for possibility

The grammar part is introduced with a sentence containing might extracted from the video, so the student answers a few questions related to its structure and meaning. Then, the purpose and use of might are explained in detail and exemplified

The practice part starts with a matching exercise, where the student matches halves of sentences in order to get the feel of the structure. Then, they need to find and correct the mistakes in a few sentences using might. In another exercise, their task is to rephrase sentences expressing possibility using might.


Might vs. may

The difference between might and may is explained. The student practices differentiating between the two by finding mistakes in sentences and fixing them.


Wrap-up discussion

The lesson ends with a discussion about believing in Yetis, monsters, and supernatural creatures.






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