Is motorsport a real sport?

Is motorsport a real sport?

Lesson overview

This C2-level ESL lesson plan focuses on broadening students’ vocabulary related to sports.



We begin with an activity where students will categorize various activities, determining whether they qualify as sports.



This part includes viewing a video, “From Gamer To Race Car Driver,” followed by a set of questions. These questions are intended to stimulate thoughts about the video content and to foster conversational skills.



In this segment, students will classify words into two groups: those exclusively related to sports and those that are not. They will also organize a sequence of steps necessary for effective competition preparation. Furthermore, they will match specific actions to different phases of forming a successful sports team.



A concise article on motorsports will be our reading material. A subsequent discussion will focus on the key points and themes of the text, aiming to enhance reading comprehension and encourage learners to express their viewpoints.



The lesson concludes with a conversation centered on a well-known sports-related quote.

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