Impressing the boss

Impressing the boss

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students learn how to use connectors to present information. They will acquire language to refer to a visual when delivering a presentation. 


Reading: Introduction to a presentation

The student reads an introduction to a presentation, identifies connectors/linkers, and gets familiar with their use. 


Vocabulary: sequencing linkers/connectors

They also learn some useful phrases to introduce a presentation and learn more about sequencing linkers (e.g. firstly, in the next slide, to sum up, etc.) which they can use to present information in a logical manner. After that, they put their knowledge into practice by filling in the gaps and sorting out connectors based on their purpose.


Presentation with graphs

The student reads the main part of a short presentation in which different types of graphs are described, and learns useful verbs for presenting a graph


Video: How to engage your listeners

After watching the video, the student tries to remember the six strategies for engaging listeners the speaker spoke about.

Some words from the video are extracted for the student to match them to their meaning


Reading: The highs and lows of business 

The student reads a short paragraph about sales at the ABC Group. New words from the text are extracted for the student to match them with their synonyms and visuals. These words are then used to complete sentences describing a sales graph (e.g. dramatically, level off, decline, etc.). 



In this part of the lesson, the student creates appropriate collocations (e.g. sharp decrease, fall dramatically, grow steadily, etc.).


Reading: How to engage your listeners

After watching a video, the student also reads a passage containing tips on how to engage listeners during a presentation and answers the comprehension questions. Some buzzwords are extracted from the passage for the student to match them with their definitions.


Presentation tips

The student completes the table containing tips about body language, tone, use of visuals and language during a presentation.





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Alexander Gallacher

Hey guys, the video link doesn't work :(.

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Hey Alexander, you're right. The video is not available anymore.
But worry not! We've replaced the video as well as video comprehension activities.
Have fun using this lesson plan. :)

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Alexander Gallacher

Thank you and thank you for the great lesson!

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