If it hadn’t been for Bill Gates…

If it hadn’t been for Bill Gates…

Lesson overview

In this grammar Upper Intermediate ESL lesson, the student will learn the rules of forming and using mixed conditionals.


Conditionals! Who doesn’t love them? Or hate them? When it comes to conditionals, we often have mixed feelings. Let this lesson change that! Learn to mix second and third conditionals in a meaningful practice that will sink right into your mind and body. Take a deep breath in, sit comfortably, relax and start this journey right now.



As a warm-up, the student names the most famous people of all time in their opinion. They also name the famous people in the pictures.


Video: Top 10 most influential people of all time

After watching the video Top 10 most influential people of all time, the student numbers the people in the order they appear in the video (Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc.). This serves as an introduction to the grammar part.


Grammar: Conditionals

The student is given a sentence to analyze (If I had the money, I would start my own business that would change the world!) by answering questions about its structure and meaning using yes or no. After analyzing a couple more sentences and revising the 2nd and 3rd conditionals, the student is introduced to mixed conditionals


Grammar: Mixed conditionals

The student learns about the structure of mixed conditionals, combining past and present tenses, and the meaning they carry.
The student gets to practice mixed conditionals by finding and correcting mistakes in sentences or marking statements about mixed conditionals as true or false. They practice mixed conditionals further by choosing correct alternatives, filling in the gaps with the correct verb forms, matching sentences with the pictures, matching halves of sentences, and making sentences using mixed conditionals about famous scientists, pop stars, etc.
Finally, they finish sentences with their own ideas, making sure to include present results so that they can use mixed conditionals.



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